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Recommended for toddlers, Dinosaur Playtime is an animated prehistoric world that kids will love to explore. Six multi-level games with dinosaur characters for every game will help your kids to train early logic and develop attention, reasoning and math skills through comparison and counting games.

Children can explore an underwater world with Platerosaurus, play with a virtual baby T. rex, help Mommy Mayasaura find her babies or Pterodactyl place items in a pattern, show Ankylosaurus the right way to sort shapes and teach Triceratops how to sort items according to their size. As a reward kids can fill Dino Park with dinosaurs they picked for every completed task and let their dinosaur collection roam the Park’s prehistoric grassland.


Six unique games
Dino Park collection with interactive rewards
Bright graphics
Simple and fun gameplay
Friendly dinosaur roars
Settings with parental gate
HD Retina graphics
No ads

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